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Loyalist Exam Services (LES) Launches New Testing Platform for Tableau Software

Loyalist Exam Services (LES) is first to market with a new test platform that provides organizations with the ability to test "real world skills".


Loyalist Exam Services (LES) is thrilled to announce the launch and availability of a new testing platform invented based upon the innovative thinking of a Tableau employee, Senior Certification Program Manager, Rebecca Nelson. Ms. Nelson visualized the delivery of a secure, scalable exam that would measure hands-on expertise within the product versus the standard exam that focuses on memory.

Nelson explains, "The culture here at Tableau embraces risk when it comes to innovation in technology. Our users are visionaries, artists and explorers of data and we require a testing platform that measures those competences. No existing platform met those needs. LES was already providing some key components and we could see the potential of taking it to the next level. Together, we built the remaining pieces that led to a secure environment for our intellectual property and the hands-on platform that we needed."

Julia Chapelle, Director of LES stated, "Our team has engineered a testing platform so significant that we anticipate implementation globally within the next year. Our agile technical team will continue to play a significant role in future implementations. There are many applications for this testing which we look forward to providing to other organizations. We feel that with Ms. Nelson (Tableau) we have created something that will benefit many."

About Loyalist Exam Services (LES)

LES provides secure, online exams globally to organizations and associations using a live, remote proctor. Available anytime, anywhere with access to follow the sun support we currently administer exams in over 160 countries.

LES is a division of Loyalist College located in Belleville, Ontario Canada, which has offered examinations and certification services since opening in 1967. LES has offered high stakes exams since 2001.

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