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Our technical tools are flexible!

LES owns both our registration system and our LMS; this means information that is important to you can become part of the technology! For example, if your Organization tracks learner's with a unique identifier this can be built into our applications.

Here are some examples of how we have customized processes for Organizations:


The portal available to learners can be branded with your Organization's colour scheme, logos and look/feel. Customizing the login page has been shown to make students less apprehensive about using an online proctoring service when it appears like other institution pages and services and is accessed through the association.

LIVE Online Proctoring Portal

Our customizable main portal provides a single URL for learnerís to schedule, test their computer, and take their exam. This portal can be configured with specific institution or company requirements for testing, technology requirements, and persons with disability language.

Single Sign On to Register/Take an Exam

Signing onto the LES registration system is seamless for your learner. They will never know that they are using another system. This ensures a smooth experience without any confusion about which program they are using.

Vouchers as a Payment Method

Organizations may purchase prepaid vouchers that can be distributed to learnerís to take their exam. Vouchers eliminate their learner from having to remit payment to Loyalist Exam Services.

Exam Result Delivery

How and when you wish for your learner to be informed about the result of their exam can be customized. Here are some of your options:

  • Learner receives either pass/fail on their screen upon completion of exam.
  • Learner receives their score on the screen upon completion of the exam.
  • The Learner doesnít receive any immediate result information.

For Organizations with a credit system; results can be deferred until a specific number of credits or another criterion is completed.


LES can assist your Organization with determining the best process to validate learner authentication.


Data is provided to assist with measuring both the exams and the exam experience. A list of standard reports are available on the Analytics page. Any customized requirements are accommodated as mentioned above in the first paragraph.

Way better than I expected, so used to the typical test center environment, I took the exam from the comfort of my own home and everything was great. ~ Francisco Rios, Exam Candidate

This was my first time using an online test system like this and it was great. Can't wait to use it again! ~ Julie Reed, Exam Candidate